Miss Venezuela is Miss Universe!

I wasn't able to watch the live telecast of Miss Universe because it happened while I was at work. I already knew that Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza won the crown. But, even if I already knew the results, I couldn't help watching when a replay of the Miss Universe 2008 was aired again last Sunday. As expected, the women were all gorgeous. It was the year of the Latin American countries, as the top 5 consisted of 4 representatives from the Spanish speaking countries (Misses Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Mexico) and Miss Russia.

There's a spanish translator who did his job beautifully but it was a surprise to me that Miss Venezuela didn't need him at all as she spoke fluent English, albeit with a Spanish accent. She was confident, she was beautiful and she was very smart. I think she did deserve the crown, although I wish Asians were more represented in the finals.


Suzie said...

I had no idea that was on.