School For Realtors

I have a cousin who's now based in the United States and is currently a realtor. I wonder if she has taken any courses in Nouveau Riche University because she seems to be very successful in her new venture. She used to dabble in real estate when she was here in Manila but I believe it was not really what her main career, so to speak, because she was also involved with other things at that time. I haven't seen her for quite a while but I've heard some relatives say that she found more success there. The reason why I am wondering if she ever took up courses in Nouveau Riche University is because I was told that they specialize in real estate and they have produced several successful graduates.

Since I am, literally, many many miles away from where they are, I wonder if I could enroll in Noveau Riche University's Distance Learning Program. I wonder if the principles taught there will be applicable for real estate agents here in the Philippines, given that we have different laws over here. I am pretty sure that the taxes are different too. I have no plans yet of leaving, but I do need a backup career path if I do decide to make the move and maybe the Distance Learning is the answer.