Superhero Tag

Jacque wants to know if I have a superhero or special activities.

I am no superhero nor would I want to be conceited enough to say that this is a superhero ability, but I would like to think that I have healing abilities.

Being a doctor only comes after years and years of endless training and self sacrifice, foregoing a decent income and a decent family life while working for the privilege of helping people get well.

I know that I am not the only one who works for the healing of my patients. It is the three of us, the patient himself/herself who tries to heal himself, the Lord who is the ultimate Healer, and the doctor who is the instrument in assisting the patient in healing.

Every time a patient gets better, I rejoice. Every time a patient loses his battle with his illness, I grieve with him.

I would like to think that I have helped more and more people as I practice my profession. I love the feeling of being able to do SOMETHING to make my patient a little better.

At the end of the day, I am not a superhero. I am just doing my mission and my calling, and I hope I do it well. But in the end, it is not up to me. It is up to Him.


jacque said...

thanks doc joey! ahehe, nahiya naman ako bigla kasi parking space lang ang ability ko. bwahaha. :)

God bless you and you're doing a great mission for God. :)