Master's Assignments

If I've been remiss lately in my bloghops, please do forgive me. I've had a very busy month lately, what with my brother's wedding last weekend, my job obligations and also my assignments which I submit for my Master's. I'm actually still working on my assignment and just taking a small break. Anyway, part of it is already done and just needs printing, which I still cannot due because I'm working beside my sleeping toddler. While at it, I'll am going to shop online for Brother printers, ink cartridges and laser toner because for some reason, I don't find many of these around and if I do, they are quite expensive. Same goes with Lexmark printer inks. My sister-in-law can't seem to find any replacement inks and she's tempted to buy another printer so that her ink costs would not be so big. No, she does not have any problem with the printer itself, just with the availability of the ink locally, and since she's also taking up classes towards her Master's Degree, she has lots of assignments to make, print, and pass, hence she prefers lower cost for her inks.

Well, back to my assignment. Since I'm a doctor taking up Hospital Administration, instead of the medical terms I am used to, I now have subjects like Accounting, Architecture, Financial Management, Human Resources and the like. I'm enjoying learning although I do agree that it's another added burden to my already packed schedule. But they do say that time flies when you're having fun, don't they?

I'll be back to my regular schedule once all this is done. Promise!