We've thought about the look of our future home and the things we want in it. Something else that we should consider is the lighting. Lighting contributes to the whole atmosphere, especially after sundown. But it's better to incorporate the plan for the Ceiling Lights already, even from the start, since these would also impact on how the electrical wiring is done. Of course, we should consider not only the look of the particular type of lighting that we choose, we should also keep in mind the safety factor, and in these times of belt tightening, how much these lights would consume in terms of electricity.

I like the way hotels do their Bathroom Lighting. I think I will have to ask my future interior designer to help me dream up a way to more or less replicate the design in the hotels, but with lights that will consume less electricity. If I am lucky enough to get a patio or a lanai, I will also have to consider adequate lighting via Outdoor Light Fixtures since I imagine I will want to be staying outside a lot of times.

I would love a well ventilated and well lighted house. I want a lot of windows so that daylight can stream in and bath the whole house with natural light and cool air would drift in. I feel, however, that I might not get something like this within Metro Manila, unfortunately, what with the small spaces, the heat and the pollution. Oh well. Perhaps I'll get to build something like this is the countryside for a retirement home.


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