The Old Ice Cream House

One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Magnolia Ice Cream House with the whole family. I always go sit on the counter stools instead of sitting on the table and chair sets. There's just something unique and nice about sitting there. You can see the the different ice cream concoctions being made before your very eyes. It also seems that service was faster when you sat on that high stool since the lady who made your ice cream dish simply has to hand it over to you. No need to wait for the waiters to bring it to your table.

When Magnolia Ice Cream House eventually became under the brand of Nestle, they changed the layout of the place. Although you can see that they still had those elevated tables and kitchen bar stools, it no longer the same. You don't see the ice cream being made in front of you. They now have a back kitchen where the ice cream concoctions are made. Oh, and it has evolved to a fast food type of service, wherein you line up, place and pay for your order, get a number, pick your seat, and wait for your order. I haven't been there for years, simply because I didn't feel the same way about the place again.

When I finally get to have my own home, I'll put in a small kitchen bar with discount bar stools. Not only does it bring back a lot of pleasant childhood memories, it also looks very nice and expands the eating area of my kitchen cum dining room, especially since homes are getting smaller and smaller in size. It could serve as an impromptu snack bar or breakfast nook, especially when we're in a hurry and do not want to mess up the dining room and the dining table. A tiled counter is also much easier to clean.