My husband and I have always wanted to travel, but because we cannot find the time and the money, we haven't really gone anywhere yet. The last time we went out of town was not even a full fledged vacation, since we were also having a convention at that time. It was in Tagaytay, and our then 8 month old son (he's now 2 years and 10 months old) tagged along, together with my sister-in-law and the nanny. That trip was very memorable since it was my son's first out of town trip. It was only about 2 hours by land. The main reason for the trip was actually the midyear convention of the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology and we really didn't get to go around, given the limited time (3 days and 2 nights, including the convention proper), and given that we have a small child to take around. We enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

The trip before that was no less memorable, although it was just a short 3 day 2 night trip too. It was our honeymoon. Since it was my husband's first time in Hong Kong, I enjoyed showing him around. :) It was the first time that we were truly on our own, and travelling together as husband and wife. But I've got to admit that 3 days 2 nights is not a lot of time.

See? We haven't really enjoyed an honest to goodness vacation in a long while!

We've been talking about taking a vacation for a while now, but we haven't gotten around to it. It would be nice if we could just go on one of those cruise holidays. Neither of us have joined any cruise at all so it should be very exciting for both of us. Some of my family friends who have actually joined one of those cruises that went around Alaska (if I'm not mistaken) told us that it was very enjoyable. Not only were they able to have a relaxing trip aboard a luxurious liner with good entertainment on board, they were also able to disembark at designated stops and tour some places that they've never been to before.

I just wonder if such a vacation would be better if we treat it as a second honeymoon and leave our toddler behind with grandma, or if it will be just as enjoyable with a small kid in tow. Anyway, knowing us, we'd most likely take the trip when our kid (and future kid/s) get older so that we all can enjoy the trip fully.