Working Abroad

There are a lot of Filipinos who have at least one relative working abroad in various industries. In recent years, "working abroad" has expanded. It used to be that the common places where Filipinos would try to forge new fortunes was in the United States for professionals and highly skilled workers, the Middle East for Construction Jobs and Hong Kong for domestic help. Later, other Asian countries like Singapore and China have been added to the list. In fact, one of my friends is now recruiting people for HR Jobs in Malaysia. Even the United Kingdom and other European countries have also been part of our the Pinoy search for better jobs. That's why you'll probably find a Filipino in every part of the world.

I believe these people are truly heroes, as they leave their homes, families and friends in order to ensure a good future for their families. Although leaving our country is not in our plans, my husband and I are keeping an open mind about possible relocation, if that's what it takes to ensure that our kids will have a brighter future. We will, however, be careful in getting a job first through a reputable, tried and tested recruitment agency before leaving our comfort zone, if it eventually comes to that.