Bug in Microsoft Update?

If you noticed that I rarely update my blogs during the past few days, that's because my internet connection has been very bad the past couple of days. For some reason, my laptop just would not load pages even if my connection to the modem was OK. All the other computers here could access the internet well enough. It was just mine which had this particular problem.

My husband did a system restore, which seemed to work. But later, when I shut down my laptop, I was surprised to see the same problem again when I turned on the laptop the next day. I thought back to the day when the problem occurred, and remembered that Windows XP updated itself after I shut down. So I went back and removed the latest update. I also changed my system update settings to "no updates".

Lo and behold, this morning, the problem was there again! I looked at the control panel, and the last update was no longer there. So what was the problem?

I tried doing another system restore. I noted that during the past 3 days that I have been having problems with the internet, there was a program called "Software Distribution 3.0" which kept installing even if I turned off the automatic install.

Apparently this is a problem with one of the previous updates of Microsoft Windows. I have deleted 2 previous updates which was noted to be a cause of the problem in a forum I searched.

So far, so good. I hope this is it and I would no longer encounter such a problem! Let's see in the next few days.