Copper Sinks

Still on "house-dreaming", I'd like to have lovely Copper Kitchen Sinks in my future home. I know most kitchen sinks are made of aluminum or stainless steel, but I believe these would add a touch of class to either the kitchen or the bathroom.

The very elegant looking Copper Sink is a great alternative to the usual ceramic bathroom sinks too. Unlike ceramic, it does not stain and look dirty over a period of time. Copper ages well and still look very nice even when used for a long time. It's also lends both an "antique" but timeless air to the whole place. It truly is a piece of functional art, which is my favorite form. I much prefer this type of art over those that are purely decorative and serve no practical function at all.

A matter of great interest is that Copper Sinks actually have some form of antibacterial property. Science shows us bacteria can live for days on a stainless steel surface, but for only a matter of hours on copper. If that were true, that's another point for copper sinks! But even if that were not true, I would still consider these because they are truly beautiful works of art.