Coffee Talk

I am probably a certified coffee addict! I always look for a cup of coffee whenever I wake up, because it does perk up my day. Although my usual choice of coffee in the early morning is a cup of instant, I get more excited if I see a batch of gourmet coffee lying around, just waiting to be put in the coffee grinder and drip coffee maker (that's what we have) and finally served! I'm even more pleased if somebody has already brewed the gourmet coffee ! Pity that doesn't happen a lot of times, since I'm usually the one they count on to make the coffee, and, frankly, I do not have the time to do that when I'm rushing around in the morning.

I do have coffee breaks with my close friend, Leah. We share the almost the same tastes and you could probably see us hitting the coffee shops for good coffee and conversation. What we would usually look for is a quiet coffee shop (hard to find that nowadays, as teeners now use the coffee shops as their hangouts) which serve Kona coffee. Great coffee, good company, and great conversation. Ah, just my idea of taking a break from my responsibilities.