Gifts Of The Chinese Mother-In-Law

My brother is getting married this coming Sunday. I do not know if this is also a tradition among other cultures, but Chinese tradition dictates that the bride's soon-to-be mother-in-law gives jewelry to her prospective daughter-in-law. These are usually complete sets of necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet, sometimes with a brooch. What my mother did is to pass on the jewelry that she received from my grandparents (her in-laws). I believe this is a charming tradition as I believe it symbolizes continuity of the generations. I do hope my future sister-in-law continues this tradition.

Since I do not have a lot of jewelry of my own, it might be a little difficult for me to do exactly the same thing my mother did when the time comes when Ethan grows up and gets engaged to be married. I hope that jewelry prices would not be too high by then because I may have to buy jewelry for my future daughter-in-law. Maybe I should start buying some pieces whenever I have some extra money. I've seen some nice pieces at Apples of Gold Jewelry. Some styles are classic and timeless, which I really want. I do not want to buy the pieces that are too fashionable because these designs come and go. I think it would be a good investment anyway as jewelry prices do appreciate in the long run.

I could also use them in the meantime, come to think of it. Practical idea, don't you think? Hmm, since I'll be buying them, I'll just get the pieces that I want and use them now. I've been to a few occasions when the attire is formal and a little bling is in order. I have always contented myself with costume jewelry, but for really formal occasions, I have often resorted to borrowing from my mother. So, if I do decide to buy, I'll have something classy to use on such occasions. Then, when Ethan brings home a bride, I can still pass them to the future wife of my son.