Still Looking

We're still looking for that perfect home for us. "Perfect" also includes "something that we can afford", and at the moment we are having problems reconciling what we can afford with what we want -- ideal location (near where we are right now--we don't want to move too far away), big enough to raise a growing family, secure, safe place -- with what we can afford. There are some condos near us which offer Lease to Own options, but they are surprisingly too expensive. Besides, we do not really like condos that much. We'd rather have a house or a townhouse.

Some of my friends have homes of their home and I am, admittedly, a little jealous of that. I realize, though, that many of them just had their places because their parents gave them an interest free home lone -- much better than those offered by any banks or financial institutions like Idaho Mortgage Loans -- because it's interest free! Not to mention pay when able! And, you do not get driven off the property if you didn't pay because, hey, they're your parents! So, in actuality, these are not really loans but "gifts" masked as loans.

My mother-in-law has a lot which she says is for her children (including my husband). We could build on that, but still we need money to build the house itself, that's why I'm still looking for the right financial institution, something like Refinance Idaho, which could give us reasonable loans for building our home.