The Man Of The House

Do you know what your husband's hobbies really are?

I know my husband as a homebody who enjoys watching DVD movies or just lazing around the house. But sometimes, I wonder if that's really more because of circumstance.

You see, his clinic hours are from Mondays to Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for visits to his folks. He's also a very involved father who makes it a point to spend time with our son whenever he's home. So I guess that really does not leave much time for outdoor activities.

Why this sudden musing? You see, I came across some clearance sale deals from the best fishing, hunting and camping catalog store and I thought that if hubby were inclined to any of these activities, I would probably choose something related to these. I wonder if he would have those father-son bonding activities with my son that would involve camping or fishing? That would certainly be nice!

Until that day comes, however, I think a laptop , or a new camcorder would be better for him at the moment. He is so much into these tech things nowadays, and among the two of us, he is the one who is better at recording memories. He is also quite the handyman and actually enjoys it, so a power tool would be something he would love too.