Ceiling Fans

Living in hot, humid Manila, we do need a good cooling system for our house, and it's not practical to always use air conditioners. My grandmother has a couple of ceiling fans in our home, and I really, really love them. One's placed in their family room for comfortable TV viewing. Another is placed in their patio, which is my absolute favorite place in their house. The designs of these fans perform a three fold function -- they promote good air circulation, cooling the place; they provide light since there are lights built in; and they look good and coordinate well with the decors of the room. I also like it better than the usual stand fans since they distribute air better and of course they don't take up floor space.

In our I-hope-not-so-far-into-the-future dream house, I would like to incorporate certain elements of my grandmother's house like the lanai, if there is enough space. I would love to put craftmade ceiling fans in most of the rooms in the house. Not only will these look good, hopefully they would lessen our requirements for using our air conditioners, bringing down our electricity bill and giving us some savings.