House Plans

We're currently still dreaming of our future home, but we are already looking at some House Plans so that we will have an idea of what elements we would want incorporated into our future home. There are actually Home Plans available online, as it's so convenient because you can actually input your criteria like the size, the number of bathrooms, the width and the depth. You can also enter your zip code so that they could give you an estimate.

They even have nice Log home plans which would be perfect for a quiet vacation house somewhere in a cool place with lots of pines. Wow! I could just imagine myself in such a place, sitting on a daybed and reading my favorite book. I am really quite a laid back person and I have never been too used to the fast paced life in the city, although I do have to live it right now. However, if and when I retire, the slower pace of life would suit me just fine.