New Baby Gifts

I'm at the age my friends and I are already having children. Sometimes, when a friend gives birth, I find it difficult to think of something to give them, especially when it's not the first baby. The first baby is easier, actually. The new prospective parents still do not have a lot of baby items, so virtually anything goes, from strollers to beddings to pillows. For a second or third baby, however, the parents may have already some baby stuff with them, so it's pretty useless to give another stroller or another playpen.

I've come up with some ideas for gifts for a new baby and/or the new mom & dad:

  1. Useful consumables: Newborn diapers would be a great gift! These could be presented artistically, as in a cake. Toiletries like baby wash would also be ok.
  2. personalized gifts for baby: There are now many personalized gifts for baby available. Example would be personalized baby shoes. More common ones would be personalized towels, pillows, bags and a whole lot more. These customized baby gifts show that you've really chosen that particular gift with the baby in mind.
  3. Home service mom massage: A new mom needs all the relaxation she can get. A home service mom massage will give it to her without the need for her to step out of the house. A big bonus is that the lactation may be improved by massage.
  4. Baby sitting help for the older sibling: New moms and dads need to be with their baby, but who will take care of the older sibling? Some baby sitting help while mom is in the hospital and even when she's already home would help them a lot.
  5. Food, nutritious food: When dad and mom are preoccupied with the new baby and especially if they have no help, a dish or two would be a godsend!
  6. Cash: Let's face it. Having a new member of the family is going to drain a bit off the couple's savings. Cash will always help, whether it's for the baby's needs or kept in the bank for future needs.
What do YOU think?