Floor Dress Ups

I am not a fan of "permanent" carpet. We used to have those in my parents' old place. They are so hard to clean! I would much prefer the usual tiled or wooden floors. However, I do admit that such floor coverings do have their uses. They could mute noises especially on wooden floors. And of course, they add character to the place. I think a good compromise would be Area Rugs. My mother has a number of these rugs at home and I really think they look great. And, if it gets dirty, my mother can bring them out to clean. We have a few rugs at home. Some are Contemporary Rugs, but others have a more antique design.

This is definitely something I am going to emulate my mother with in terms of home decorating. Several pieces of Rugs placed in strategic places around the house would definitely make the house look warm and inviting. It also adds a quiet elegance to the room's decor. And, if you're residing in a cold country, these carpets are actually insulated and would keep your feet warm while you are indoors. This is another one of those "functional art" -- artworks that serve a real purpose rather than just look great.