Dream Bedroom

The good thing about not buying or building our own place immediately is that we get to put down a few mental notes about what we want for our home. I believe the bedroom should also get a lot of attention, since we spend at least a third of our lives in bed, sleeping.

Realistically, the average size of homes is getting smaller and smaller, whether it's a condo or an actual house. Adjustable Beds for our bedroom would be ideal, as that would lessen the need for more furniture and we can actually watch television or do some reading in bed.

Of course, it would be best with a Memory Foam Mattress, since it would conform to our unique body shape. This early, I am starting to scout around for Tempurpedic mattresses and seeing how it compares with other brands as far as comfort, recommendations, prices and warranty.

Another must for me would be an air conditioner, especially if the ventilation in the place we eventually get proves to be inadequate. The heat here in the Philippines makes it so hard to sleep without turning on the aircon!

An ensuite bathroom would be nice, as well as a large walk-in closet. These, however, are not musts, so if there are space constraints, not having these would still be okay for me. A widescreen television would also be nice, since we enjoy watching DVDs.