Photo Fun

I have always been fascinated by how creative some people can be with digital media and photoshop. I tried, but I feel that I simply am not as creative as some of my friends. I did come up with a personalized guest book on my son's first birthday. It was a lot of work and it was all worth it. It documented the highlights of his first year of life. I was very proud with my project. But for me to do that all the time...well, that's probably not my thing.

I've come across a site that makes creating Photo Gifts so easy for Photoshop dummies like me. You just choose the project that you want, for example, a Photo Calendar, drag the pictures that you want on your the designated picture spaces on your calendar, and you've got a beautiful personalized calendar that you can give as gifts to family and friends or which you can keep on your own desk.
If you have thousands of pictures in your hard drive and your family's been bugging you regarding Photo Sharing, why not just make a few of these projects to send to them. Not only are they very pretty, they are also functional.