Long Hair, Short Hair?

I used to have long hair. I love the way long hair looks and I really love it's versatility. My then-boyfriend (now hubby) also loves long hair on me. Brenda did a great job on my wedding, turning my long locks into a work of art.

But I cannot deny that having long hair takes a lot of work. I am more of a simple girl who wants a wash and wear hairstyle with minimal need of styling. Also, my little boy loved to pull on my long hair! I had to have my locks chopped off. I admit that a shorter hairstyle looks good on me too! In fact, I look a little younger with the shorter hair.

But once in a while, I do miss having long hair. Good thing there are now Human hair extensions available, which can instantly "grow" my hair whenever I feel like having longer hair for the day! I guess it's also easier to maintain both a head of shorter hair and keep a set of clip in hair extensions rather than spend a lot of time on my own long hair to make it look nice. Yes, set! Because there are so many choices now to choose from. And the fact that clip ons are available means it would be much easier to instantly change my look without necessarily having to make a trip to a hairstylist.

Now I can enjoy the best of both worlds. My own, easy to maintain, wash and wear, chin length hair AND a vast choice of hair extensions if I feel like "having" longer hair.