Christmas Wedding In The Philippines

Christmas is the most awaited holiday here in the Philippines. Filipinos love to deck their houses and with mini lights. Some houses even become sort of landmarks during the Christmas season, as people go there especially to look at the brightly decorated house. Truly, Christmas is truly unique here. We do not have a white Christmas since we do not have snow here. But there's a festive spirit here that I have not felt anywhere else. It's a season of parties, family reunions and weddings!

Yes, the wedding month here is December and not June, like in other countries. And why not? Churches and hotels are decorated with Christmas decors as early as November. It simply makes everything so much brighter and happier! What a way to start married life!

I got married towards the end of November. It was such a joy to start my wedding march on the aisle with beautifully decorated floral stands, with rose petals on the floor and walk towards my smiling groom, then walking together towards the altar decorated with foliage and clear mini lights. It so added to the overwhelming feeling of happiness and excitement I had on that day. I guess that's why December is so popular for Filipinos. Super saya eh! (Super happy!)