After Getting Hitched

Yes, my brother is finally married! Will post more on it later.

No, my brother and my new sister-in-law have not left for their honeymoon yet. There are still some traditions to be fulfilled. Today, my sister-in-law is supposed to visit the family of her origin.

I believe they want a trip out of the country. It's weird that travel outside the country is sometimes cheaper than local travel here in the Philippines. Of course, it also depends on the place. Anyway, there are now so many travel deals that sometimes aside from having no time, there's practically no excuse not to travel since it has become so affordable! In case they go to a place where they would need a car, they could actually avail of an ongoing promotion for 10% off online booking for car rentals.

For now, they have been unwrapping the wedding gifts that they received. They received a few electronic appliances in the many gifts that they received, but being both Chinese, most of their gifts came in the form of cash. This is good because they don't have their own place yet, so the other gifts would go into storage for now. But they would definitely come in handy once they have their own place.

I'm happy for the new couple. I hope they will stay in love for the rest of their lives.