I was offline the whole day! I didn't know what happened by my computer just wouldn't connect to the internet. Initially I thought there was a problem with the ISP, but my brothers didn't have any problem connecting. Later, we thought that maybe the problem lies with my computer. But if that were the case, I might have to postpone any internet work until next week because I do not have any time the remainder of the week. This week is pretty busy as I have an assignment to complete and submit. The more important thing is that my brother is getting married this Sunday!

My brother asked me if there's anything I installed between last night (when I last accessed the internet) and this morning, and I said "no". I then recalled that my Windows XP had an update which started when I shut down the computer.

I'm no techie so I'm not sure what that's called, but my husband decided to reset the system to an earlier time, which was the day before yesterday. Lo and behold! I was able to access the internet after that. Thank goodness!

Was the security update the culprit? I certainly hope not because I'd be wary of such updates in the future.