Pull The Trigger -- A Survey

The U.S. Supreme Court's historic ruling on June 25th for individual gun rights is expected to trigger a spray of new legal challenges to the stiffest gun control laws across the country.

I was a bit iffy about some of my answers, actually. While I felt that, yes, we do have a right to defend ourselves and our families, I am really wary of guns because of recent tragedies involving guns and the people wielding them. Handling a gun requires a lot of maturity and calmness, which unfortunately most people don't have. However, if you do not have a gun and your attacker does, you are at a distinct disadvantage. So, my answer would have been "it depends".


stet said...

If we had the choice in UK, i think at the moment a lot of people would welcome gun ownership,In Usa you have the right to defend your property,I believe.You get Jail for that here in UK.