Baby Shopping Tip -- Compare Online!

The difficult thing about shopping for baby is trying to compare the different features of the many baby stuff that we have (or just simply want to buy). Since a lot of these stuff are to be used for our little precious kids, we really do not want to take any chances with an inferior product. However, we also do not want to be stuck with expensive stuff that we will eventually just add to our already growing pile of household clutter.

So a great baby shopping gift is to do comparisons of the different available products before you actually buy. But it's difficult to go around stores looking at the different products. :(

I've found a great way to do some canvassing and price comparison from the comforts of your home. Shopwiki actually has buying guides for the most common baby and toddler gears and needs, such as strollers, playpens, car seats, feeding, clothing, books, beddings, covers almost anything that you may need for your baby! This is a really good resource especially for a first time mother like me. I wish I had found this site much earlier. Comparisons of products would have been much easier! Being a breastfeeding mom (until my son turned 22 months, that is), I appreciate the guide on the different breast pumps and other breastfeeding needs.

Since my son will be turning three in two months, I have most of the items already. But I really, really NEED to toilet train him. I'm glad I did find a section on toilet training, which may prove a big help to me right now!