Simply Elegant But Inexpensive

I am a great fan of white metals like platinum and white gold. In fact, my engagement and wedding rings as well as the ring my husband wore were made of white gold, with a simple basic design. They look so elegant and timeless. I've always preferred the simple but elegant look of the white metal over yellow gold. But of course, white gold is expensive, platinum even more so. Good quality Silver Jewellery are great substitutes at a much lower price, just right for somebody who loves white metal but cannot afford to buy either platinum or white gold -- like me.

There is a good collection of Silver Bracelets -- my all time favorite piece of jewellery -- found online! Awesome! Not only are they affordable, they also offer free shipping -- anywhere in the world!

And beat this -- they have a 14 day money back guarantee! I never knew that buying jewellery can now be so easy and so risk free!

I also found some great looking Silver Pendants on the same site. I especially like the pendant with the moonstone in the center. Sigh! Maybe I should splurge a bit and buy a few pieces for myself, since I never got myself a birthday present last month.