Monthly Pain

I know somebody who doubles up in pain whenever she has dysmenorrhea but refuses to take medications for it because she believes that she will develop "immunity" to the medication. I have told her that it's best to take pain relievers if she's suffering because she won't be productive at all when she's in pain. Another long held belief is that taking medications would lessen the flow of the menses. This is thought to be bad as the "dirty blood" is not passed out.

I'm in a field where women who have dysmenorrhea and can't work because of the pain would be accused as trying to get out of doing her job and thus uses her monthly visitor as an excuse. This is especially coming from the males who would never experience how painful it is to have such a condition. Since the solution is relatively simple, I'd rather swallow a pill so that I could go on with my usual duties rather than have those unsavory comments hurled at me.

The pain during dysmenorrhea is caused by the production of prostaglandins. Most pain relievers are designed to block prostaglandin. No more prostaglandin -- No more pain. But the endometrial lining continues to shed, hence the menstruation itself is not hampered.

I tried looking for evidence against "immunity" to medications. This is what I found.

So, ladies, no need to be afraid of taking a pain reliever pill if you're really suffering every month. :)