Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival

Proudly announcing the birth of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival (PPBC for short)!

Any Pinoy parent may join the carnival. You know who you are, Pinoy parents!

Please signify your intention to join by replying to this thread. I am currently working on a webring or blogroll so that it will be easier for us to know who's participating. I will also post it here when it's available already.

Oh, and if you know other Pinoy parents who blog, feel free to invite them to join by directing them to this page.

What is a blog carnival? Here's a definition by wikipedia.

General guidelines:
  • The Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival will be a biweekly carnival.
  • There will be a designated host blogger of the month. He or she will host both carnivals of the month.
  • He/she will post the two topics for the month on his blog, with the corresponding deadlines of submission and the day when that Edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival will be up on his/her blog. Topics deal mostly around parenting and family life.
  • Blog articles for carnival are due by 12:00 midnight, the 10th of the month for the first carnival, and the 24th of the month for the second carnival.
  • The host is expected to organize and post the carnivals on the 14th and the 28th of each month, respectively.
  • Send to the predesignated host- blogger for that week, the link to your post, the title, and a brief description of that article.
  • One entry per blogger. Any post regarding the designated topic or theme, new or existing, may be entered.
  • The host blogger has the sole authority and responsibility of choosing the topic, announcing them, receiving the contributions, proof reading it, and posting them as he/she deemed fit for his/her topic of choice. Other host guidelines here.
  • Please provide a linkback to this page.
What are the advantages of a blog carnival?
  • Interesting, relevant topics to write on.
  • Increased links.
  • Increased traffics.
  • Increased sense of community.
  • It's really fun!
  • More knowledge and opinions?
I will host for the month of the May as a start. :) I will also post on this blog the schedule of the blog carnivals, their hosts and topics, if already available. So check back often!

Latest Edition:

PPBC 9th edition (September)
Topic: Birthdays! (posted October 24, 2008)
Host: Joey of


PPBC 10th edition (November)
Topic: Picky Eaters - Click here for the call for articles.
Host: Jenny of
Deadline for submission of entries: November 10, 2008

Previous Editions:

PPBC 1st edition:
Topic: Becoming a Parent (Posted May 14, 2008)
Host: Joey of

PPBC 2nd edition:
Topic: On Schools...Where, When and Why (Posted June 3, 2008)
Host: Joey of

PPBC 3rd edition:
Topic: Parenting Through The Generations (Posted June 18, 2008)
Host: Joey of

PPBC 4th edition
Topic: Our Children Do Love Us (posted July 2, 2008)
Host: Joey of

PPBC 5th edition
Topic: What would you like your children to be when they grow up? (posted July 15, 2008)
Host: Guardian Angel of

PPBC 6th edition
Topic: The Kind of Parent That We Are (Posted August 3, 2008)
Host: Guardian Angel of

PPBC 7th edition
Topic: Discipline (Posted September 3, 2008)
Host: Joey of

PPBC 8th edition (September)
Topic: Values (Posted September 17, 2008)
Host: Leah of


Pat said...

hi, thanks for the invite. yup, i'd like to join this one. hoping to learn a lot and meet new people.

Anonymous said...


i would like to participate in parenting carnival!

Vina P said...

count me in! thanks doc joey! :0)

Anonymous said...

Can I join?

Farah said...

thanks for the invite! i would love to join the carnival :)

Jen said...

Count me in Doc Joey! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm game!

Melisse said...

HI joey, thanks for the invite! Sure, game ako jan, lahat naman tayo mga parents ay "work in progress" kaya will surely learn a lot! :)


Anonymous said...

hi joey! thanks for the invite! scared lang ako kasi i'm not the best writer you know! =D

~ Mhay ~ said...

Thanks for the invite joey...I love to join the carnival but scared though. Like kelly, I'm not a good writer as well :D

jeng said...

Hi there! Would love to join the blog carnival...I have a few questions though...The articles should be how long? Should be written in English or can be Taglish?


Tricia said...

Hi Joey! Yes, please count me in! I hope to learn from this : )

Maver said...

The pleasure's mine, Joey! Thankies!

Maybelle said...

count me in please :) thanks!

Mum2Two said...

yes... very happy to join... i have one ready already in my blog but might add a few more details

Anonymous said...

joey, mukhang marami ang sasali ah! hehe... masaya! :D

theworkingmom said...

Thank you so much for joining! I will be posting the names of the participants soon!

theworkingmom said...

Jeng, I didn't specify na how long the article should be. It could be in English, Tagalog or Taglish. Pinoy naman, diba? :) But English has the obvious advantage of being read and understood by non-Pinoys, though.

Angel said...


I am a father of 2 wonderful children. I am interested in joining in. Just hope other father bloggers will join in too.

I will check this further later after I return from work.

Thanks for the idea.

Mabuhay and Pinoy!

Guardian Angel

Haze said...

hi! i;m interested to join. :) i'm a mom to two boys and i love talking about my kids and learning a lot from other parents. =)

Happymommi said...

hi =) im also interested to join =)please count me in

theworkingmom said...

Guardian Angel, Haze and Sheila, thank you so much for joining :).

Mec said...

sige na sige na sige na...

i never joined a blog carnival before... ahehehe... but i shall rise up to the challenge :)

count me in!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I want to join the carnival and wanted to send in an article. However, since the deadline is tomorrow, baka hindi na ako umabot.

I have a question lang... I wanted to put the badge in my blog but it doesn't fit to my sideber. I can't put widgets to my footer so it really has to fit in my sidebar. Wala bang mas maliit na badge? 'Sensya na... I am new to these kind of things.

Thank you...

theworkingmom said...

Sa mga di nakaabot sa 1st edition, meron pa namang future editions. :)

Jo Ann -- I'm still figuring out how to make a small widget. Di kasi ako techie. Anybody who can help me? :)

Jan said...

hi docjoey,

am still trying to figure out how to submit my article. so sorry. but if this one works, please count me in. and here's my entry:

becoming a parent

Denjing said...

hey there! count me in! =) would love to join and be a part of this. =)

The Sweet Life said...

yup .. will do write about this topic ... thanks for the invite also ...

Anonymous said...

hi, made a post hosted by Angel. this is interesting...

Unknown said...

i wanna join!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! i found out about this through joan joyce... i'd like to join!

theworkingmom said...

Wow! New members! Welcome! Let's all learn from each other, since parenting is always a learning process!

darkspark said...

hi, its been a while since i have written a post and i would like to break my silence by joining the carnival. i hope you give me a chance.


CathyCE said...

Hi! I'd like to participate in the PPBC. Is there a topic for September? Where can I get the details?



Jewel Allen said...

Hi! I'm a Pinay mom who blogs about parenting. I'd love to join in a future carnival.

Ai Dihayco said...

hi! im a pinay mom living in Poland. I'd like to join this blog carnival. It's cool! we'll get to learn from each other as parents.

theworkingmom said...

Welcome!!! :)