Teacher Mac's Excellerated Learning Center

I attended the Parent Orientation of Teacher Mac's Excellerated Learning Center yesterday. This was the school founded by Teacher Macrina Acuna which was formerly known as ICBB (Innovative Center for Beginning Beginners).

I brought my less than 3 year old child last summer in order how things go, and I was very happy with the results. My son not only learned to speak a little bit more (which was my aim at first), he also learned other things like lining up, waiting for his turn, sitting down properly for his snacks and interacting with other kids. He enjoyed his art and singing lessons too.

I loved the fact that the teachers all seemed very passionate about their vocation of teaching very young kids. The teacher:pupil ratio is low. They maintain it at 1 teacher:8 students, with 1 yaya aide. At the moment, there are only 5 student's in the aqua class (for 2.3 -3.3 years old), which is Ethan's class.

I also loved the fact that Ethan really enjoys going to school! It's easier to wake him up when you mention school!

Other pluses for the school is that it's located in a village (North Greenhills) and thus is relatively safe, as not everybody can just go in and out of the village. Also, since it's not located on a busy street like some other schools are, there is less danger of children running onto the streets and meeting an accident. Parking is also adequate. Oh, Chinese is included in the curriculum with no additional tuition, which is a plus for me since I plan on sending Ethan to a Chinese big school later on.

They have an open enrollment, which means they accept students all throughout the year. So if you have a young child between the ages of 2-3 to 5 years old, do consider sending them to Teacher Mac's Excellerated Learning Center. It's located at Johnson Street, Johnson Park, North Greenhills, San Juan City. Call them up at 723-4070 for more details.


TeacherSteph said...

hi, please check out ICBB's new website, at and its multiply site at
ICBB is back, stronger than ever, on its 26th year!
thank you