How not to promote a website or blog

I got this from one of the comments up for moderation in my family blog:

*The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

Here's the actual blog entry.

The commenter obviously didn't read the entry before posting the comment.

Of course there was a website he was promoting, I guess (won't post it here -- why give them free publicity, right?).  But how would his comment lead to more traffic, I really do not know.  Maybe it will, a bit, but not really the positive type of topic.

Reporting this comment as spam...


Judd said...

I hate damned spammers like that! Puro nalang walang kwenta 'yung comments nila!

theworkingmom said...

Di ba? Oh well, I'll just think of it as part of life nalang.

Thanks for dropping by!

Mec said...

swerte pa pala ako kasi all the spam comments i get are 'nice'


theworkingmom said...

To be positive, iniisip ko nalang na it's good that spammers deem my blog worthy enough to spam (LOL)

And yes, I get nice spam comments din, some of them pinapalusot ko pa if I feel extra generous.

Lynne said...

Some people are jerks. I was just looking for another working mom blog and stumbled upon yours! Greetings!

theworkingmom said...

Hi, Lynne!

I don't publish the comment or visit the site. Just wouldn't give them the satisfaction of extra hits. They don't deserve it!