Circus Camp

I cannot remember the last time I saw a circus, but it never ceases to amaze me. Although it was never my dream to become a circus performer, I always it would be awesome if I could do some of the things they do. Unfortunately, I have not heard anything about a cirus school until recently, when I heard about Circus Summer Camp New York. I probably would have enjoyed it. It may not have made me a career circus performer, but it dould probably build up my confidence, it may have improved my flexibility and my sense of coordination. I have always been a shy girl, up to now I have this fear of speaking and performing before a crowd. This might just have been the answer for me.

I haven't brought my son to the circus yet but I might if one comes to town. I wonder if he will have the same appreciation for circus arts. If he does, I might consider bringing him to the Circus Arts Camp New York, if I can afford it. It's a pity they don't have something like Circus Camp New York over here, though. It would definitely be something I'd strongly consider aside from the usual swimming, art and other summer class offerings.