Generations: The 3rd Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival

Times have definitely changed. Has parenting styles changed? When we were young and we were not happy with what our parents do for us, we'd swear to ourselves that we won't do the same things they did.

Now that we are parents ourselves, we come to the realization that sometimes, they are right! But again, there are still some things that you would have done differently.

This edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival posts the following questions:

1. What are the things your parents did that you would definitely still follow?
2. What are the things your parents did that you would do differently?

For everybody who would like to join, please post your in the comments section or send me an email with the subject of PPBC 3 submission to ethanmama[at]gmail[dot]com. Deadline is on June 14, 2008.

Previous articles of the PPBC are here. Guidelines are here.


Haze said...

hi doc joey! finally, an entry! =)

PPBC # 3


theworkingmom said...

Hi Haze! That was fast! Thanks for joining!

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Joey!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Here yah go my entry:

earthlingorgeous said...

Actually this one can make the list too :)

Values Learned at Home

I think I didn't make the link right on that first one so here:

To Those Who Were Born in the 1950's, 60's and 70's

Anonymous said...

hi joey! i missed the 2nd edition. i will not miss this one!

Angel said...

Interesting topic. I will be joining again for sure.

By the way, I will be glad to host the 5th and 6th edition for the month of July.

Just when will be the last day of submission for this one? I am going to announce it on my blog to encourage other parents (fathers especially) to join.


Angel said...

Sorry but I think my question looks confusing.

When will be the last day of submission for the current (3rd) edition?


Jen said...

Hi Joey. My entry is up.

Jen said...

sorry, wrong link! This is the correct link.

Jen said...

argh!! my mouse is on the blink. this is the right link.

giselle said...

hi! thanks for the invitation to join the 3rd PPBC. i'm so new at this i hope i get to link my site properly.

thanks again and more blog power to you! :)

Maver said...

hi joey! thanks for the heads up. done! :)

Anonymous said...


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Angel said...

I am in, Doc Joey. Here is the link.

About Fixed and Changing Parenting Tips.

I hope you won't be confused with the simplified URL.


Mec said...

thanks for reminding me of this sis... :)


Anonymous said...

hi doc joey! thanks for the invite. i'd like to join. kinda scared though coz i'm not a good writer. :)

~ Mhay ~ said...
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~ Mhay ~ said...

hi doc joey!

Thanks forreminding me of the PPBC.

Anyway, here's my entry

Parenting my way

Anonymous said...

Here's mine:


Thanks Joey :)

Pat said...

hi, here's my entry -

theworkingmom said...

Wow! Thanks for participating, everybody!

Deadline is supposed to be today, but while I haven't started doing the roundup, anybody interested to join can still submit your entries!

Mum2Two said...

Haay, huli man daw at magaling... hayun humahabol pa rin... here is my entry to this month's topic


Apols said...

sorry for being late!!!

theworkingmom said...

Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for participating! The PPBC 3rd edition is up!

Parenting Through The Generations

Jacque said...
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Jacque said...

hi doc joey,

here's my better late than never entry. haha.

thanks for inviting me!

theworkingmom said...

Hi Jacque! Thanks for the "habol" post. I will incorporate it into the roundup later. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey! I saw your message pero late na :( anyway, I'll be waiting for the next one para magka-entry naman ako...i finally have a good broadband so di na ako mahuhuli dito. Thanks for the updates though. :)