The Birth of My Son

The first time I remembered being hospitalized was actually a very positive experience. Because the very first time I was admitted as a patient in the hospital was the time I went to give birth to my son. Here is the story of his birth.

I went to the hospital at around 11PM because amniotic fluid was already leaking. Since it was my first pregnancy, I was hoping for a normal vaginal delivery. But I already knew how I wanted to be anesthetized, and my choice was an epidural. I wanted the pain muted, but I wanted to be aware of the whole process of birth. I want to remember the experience. I want to see my baby when he finally got out.

The OB residents did an IE (internal examination) on me and determined that I was not even 1 cm dilated and that there was already some fluid pooling. Oh boy. I knew that I was due for a long wait. I also knew that I could not be given the epidural unless I was at least 4 cms. But I was prepared to endure pain. My baby is worth it.

By 8AM the next day, my obstetrician did an IE, and I was still less than 1 cm. I was already having contractions but they were not very regular yet. She decided to start induction.

With the start of induction, my contractions became more regular and more painful. I didn't cry out at all, however. I was a visiting physician in the same hospital and the any of the staff -- nurse, nursing aide, intern, residents -- they all addressed me as "Doktora" whenever they check on me. It would be so embarrassing! Also, I knew that I should save my strength for the actual pushing when the baby finally decides to come out.

However, after 8 hours of induction (and 20 hours since my amniotic fluid started to leak), my cervix only admits my OB’s fingertip! I knew then that my OB was going to do a CS. I can’t be leaking for more than 24 hours. My labor is inefficient. I do not think the another 4 hours of induction would make my cervix suddenly dilate to 10 cms. I said "yes" to to CS, not knowing that my OB had already previously asked my husband and he had already given his consent. He, nevertheless, told my OB that she had to tell me about the situation since he knew how much I wanted to go through this the natural route. Of course, I had to decide on what was best for my baby, and the best choice at that time is a CS.

I underwent the Cesarean section. I curled up like a shrimp for the epidural and I was very still because I did not want my anesthesiologist to have problems with me.

I was awake when I was cut open and I heard my baby’s first cry. I looked around for him. They cleaned him up and brought him to me.

He was so beautiful! I said, “I love you baby” and kissed him on the top of his head. He stopped crying.

My husband was with me in the operating room. We had our first family picture together. :)

Originally posted in Joey M.D. by the same author and reprinted with some revisions.

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Pat said...

hi, joey! what a nice ending... so touching...

Pat said...

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Anonymous said...

Sans the tuna sandwich and the triplets, we have a similar story. (Leaking AF)
Great finish!