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This 2009, I Am Most Thankful For...

The birth of my Baby Girl!!!

2009 is not a good year for us. There were just too many things that happened: my mom's motorcycle accident, Ondoy, the break in at our house, financial problems, to name just a few.

But through it all, I am thankful for 2009, because it is the year when our little girl, our second child was born!

This makes 2009 a Happy Year inspite of all the other problems!

The other things I am grateful for:

  • My family surviving Ondoy. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law stayed on the roof all night, but they survived.
  • No one got hurt during the break in, except our dog :( Nothing taken either.
  • While our finances are not exactly rosy, we've been surviving!
  • My mom walking again. She had a hip replacement surgery after a motorcycle hit her! But she's ok now, not like before, but still ok.
I am hoping that 2010 will be an even better year for us!

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If I Were A Starbucks Drink...

I'd be a White Chocolate Drink. Not the White Chocolate Mocha, but just plain White Chocolate. It's available as White Hot Chocolate, but I was able to order Iced White Chocolate.

Why this reflects ME:

  • It's a very simple drink. No whipped cream, no syrup, at least not for me, just plain hot or iced drink.
  • It's unique. Everybody else orders fraps or coffee. I look for this once in a while.
  • It's white. In a sea of brown coffee. Like a Tsinay in the Philippines -- that's me. :)
  • It's not very obvious. Sometimes people aren't even aware of this drink, it's that unobtrusive. Sometimes I don't see it on the menu and just ask for it, especially the iced version. Like me, I usually blend into the background.
  • Since, strictly speaking, it's not a coffee drink, it does not contain caffeine. Not exciting. Doesn't raise the heart rate. Doesn't make one palpitate. Boring even, at least for some people. But good for everybody -- kids, preggy women (this is my staple when I'm preggy and find myself in starbucks), hypertensive people and other people who have to watch their caffeine intake.
So, in a nutshell (or should I say, a coffee bean), I'm a simple, unique, white (hehehe), unobstrusive, unexciting person!!! :D Just like Starbucks white chocolate!

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To Maver, if I'm lucky enough to win one of your planners, I think I'll get the "Cherries" version.

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Home

December is a very hectic month for me and today is an especially hectic day!

Our Christmas list keeps getting longer and longer. Since today is no-work day for me and hubby's clinic is in the afternoon, we decided to do our shopping today to hopefully complete our gift list. Although it was a good idea to shop during a weekday as there was much less people, it still was very tiring.

Hubby had to go to work right after our shopping trip. I had to bring our little boy to school in the afternoon and wait for him to finish his session.

All through this, our little 5 month old girl also tagged along since she doesn't take anything but mommy's milk. It was simply more convenient.

We finally headed back home at around 6pm. My sweet little baby girl (she's usually very good-natured, except when she's REALLY hungry!) decided at that moment to cry her lungs out. It turned out that she was hungry! Not only that, her diaper was soiled! I couldn't breastfeed her at that point because I was driving. The yaya couldn't change her either! I was cursing all the red lights and all the vehicles that do not want to let me pass!

When we finally got home, I had the yaya wrap the little girl first with a receiving blanket and breastfed her first. The yaya then prepared the stuff needed to clean the baby while I was breastfeeding. After breastfeeding, the little girl slept for a short while but soon awakened, probably bothered by the uncomfy feeling on her bottom. We had to endure another round of wailing while we cleaned her up and gave her a sponge bath, after which she demanded for more milk. When she was satisfied enough, I looked at the time. Oh no! It was already past 7 pm and hubby will be home any minute now! I do not have the luxury of time to cook!

Fortunately, I remembered the cans of Century Tuna Bangus Fillet I bought last week. I figured now is a good time to try it out.

I picked the variety with Tausi and shared it with my hubby, son and brother. Hubby actually loved it! And he's somebody who doesn't really like fish in any form!

I realized that it would probably be a good, go-to dish whenever we couldn't cook any ulam. I'm considering having this as a baon for workdays. It's so easy to bring along, and I don't have to worry about the ulam spoiling, even without refrigeration. And with the easy open can, no need to bring along the can opener at all!

I am so glad I discovered Century Tuna Bangus Fillet! It certainly saved the day for a harried wife and mom! I am pretty sure that it will continue to be a lifesaver!