Thoughts About Wedding Preparations

Anybody who's ever planned a wedding knows about all the pre-wedding planning stress that comes with the whole package. Despite a bride's best efforts, she can't oversee her own wedding herself and attend to all the wedding day problems. I should know , I was a bride myself.

There are just so many details to a wedding. If you haven't personally been a bride yourself, you wouldn't know about the different types of print on an invitation, for example, or the types of skirts and necklines to a dress, or the different kinds of bouquet. I didn't know that you had to give your attendants gifts, and I just didn't have any idea what to give them, at the start.

A bride needs all the wedding planning help she can get. There are a lot of resources available nowadays, from websites, online forums, magazines, professional wedding planners, not to mention the good old fashioned network of family and friends, and most importantly, the GROOM. I would say that today's brides are luckier because they it's easier to look for help and there are a lot more choices so that she can let her own personality shine through during her wedding day and have the kind of wedding she wants.