Coffee break version 1.8

The topic for this week is: Recall the most treasured conversation you had with your mother.

I'm afraid I cannot recall any specific conversation. My mother is pretty old school and sometimes I'm afraid to go to anything really deep in our conversations since I'm always afraid that she would criticize me. Whenever I converse with her trying to confide something in her, a lot of times, she would always say that I should change something in me or my actions. Which is sometimes not what I want to hear. I want to hear support. I want to hear that I was right. Or at least that I had a point.

But later on I realized that she really means well. Her point really is that we cannot control what others do or say, so I might as well modify things from my own end. Of course, that would be after I've calmed down and would see things in a different light. I would feel a little bit down if I'm still emotional about the topic.

I guess all mothers want the best for their children. Mom wants the best for me, she just has a different way and a different view on things.

If I want people to agree with me, I can go to friends, who usually have the same wavelength with me. But if I want a fresh opinion, I have to go to mom, even if I know I won't always like her answer. But a lot of times, she's actually right. Not always, though. :)