Christian Cruises

I have always dreamed of having a vacation in Europe and the Mediterranean areas. I have heard that these places are beautiful and exotic.

While browsing through the web for some vacation ideas, I chanced upon this site offering Christian Cruises. This is a different kind of vacation wherein believers are sail on a privately chartered yacht and visit significant areas in Bible history. It's a Bible cruise wherein Bible teachings are held both on board and in the places significant to Christians.

I remember the Catholic retreats I used to make when I was still in high school and college. They are usually held in serene, cool Tagaytay in quaint retreat houses. They usually make me feel a lot more recharged spiritually, afterwards. Although I have not done a similar retreat for several years already, because of family and work obligations, I would still like to do that someday.

I think a Christian Cruise in the Mediterranean would probably do a similar thing for me. I would love to recharge the spirit, relax the mind, rest the body, all in exotic places I would love to visit. Having such beautiful places tied up to history and to my faith would be so much more of a lovely bonus.