Tagged again!

Was tagged by Pat. Thanks so much!

I’m tagging Abie, Ging, Monet, Dowa! Sana masagot ninyo ito :)

Participants: 1. Tere-Blessing in Life 2. Yen- Me and Mine 3. Thea is bloggerhappy 4. Thea is berryscrappy 5. Tricia-Tricia’s World 6. Shopaholic Pat 7. Joey, The Working Mom

1. What do you want for your birthday? I'd say cash. I'll save it for E's educational fund. Nothing for myself, but thank you anyway.
2. Who will be your next kiss? It's a toss up between C and E. That's my husband and my son.
3. When was the last time you went to the mall? Last Wednesday.
4. Are you wearing socks right now? No. I don't usually wear socks.
5. How did you spend your summer? The usual -- work & home. Enrolled E in summer toddler school, though.
6. Have you been to the cinema in the last 5 days? Nope.
7. What was the last thing you had to drink? water
8. What are you wearing right now? pajamas!
9. What was your last purchase? A magazine.
10. What was the last food you ate? last night's dinner. Shrimps.
11. Who would be the person you would call if you were up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep? I wouldn't call anybody. I'll just surf the internet or read a book.
12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Nope.
13. Do you have a pet? None of my own. But my family has 3 dogs.
14. What made you laugh in the last 5 days? My son's kakulitan
15. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? Home :)
16. What is the last thing you purchased online? Diapers for my son
17. One thing you hate about yourself? My tummy. My clumsiness!
18. Do you miss anyone? My Dad, My grandpas, my maternal grandma, my uncles, my cousins (they have passed on)
19. What are your plans for the day? go to in-laws' house
20. Last person you msg’d? hubby, asking where he was
21. Ever went to a camp? Yes, back in High School, for scouting and CAT
22. Are you a good student in school? I guess. I'm a doctor right now, see? :)
23. What do you know about the (your) future? Nothing definite, actually.
24. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? Nope
25. Where is/are your best friend/s right now? Nandito pa rin naman sa Manila :)

Have fun and tag as much blogger friends you have!


Pat said...

hi, joey! thanks for doing this. :)