Message to my child

The moment new life is formed in the mother's womb, her life is completely turned around. A mom ceases living just for herself when her child is born.

My child, you probably do not know how much I truly cherish you. Your coming to Daddy and Mommy is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. You have made our marriage even stronger. Yes, Daddy and Mommy vowed to love and cherish each other till death do us part, but, you, my son, is the perfect symbol, the perfect fruit of our physical, emotional and spiritual union.

Your presence has given us joy. Every little smile, with those cute little dimples. Every little step taken. Every little look of love. Every milestone. When you're happy, we're happy. Our world now revolves around you. We make decisions on what is best for you. Because you are now our greatest priority.

You have made me realize even more what a truly good man your Daddy is. Well, even before you came along, I already knew that my husband was truly a gem of man. But when you came into existence, he showed what a great daddy he was. He was willing to do things other men wouldn't, like change your dirty diapers. He kept his cool when Mommy was all moody and hormonal because of the pregnancy and childbirth. He kept me company when I was cut up for the C section. And, he took over mommy's clinic and took care of mommy's patients while I was still on maternity leave, and later when either you or mommy were sick.

You made me understand my mother, your grandmother, even more. True, we still argue on what the best foods for you are, and I get some flak because you never were the chubby, commercial worthy baby most people seem to like. But we agree that you are the cutest, most lovable child there is on earth. Of course, we're biased, but who cares?

You made your lola, your dad's mom, a very happy grandma. She always looks forwards to your visits and always reserves all of your favorite foods. Woe to us if we visit lola without you in tow. She now has another apo to spoil.

You have made me do things I wouldn't dream of doing before. Changing diapers was an "ewwww" task, but you made me willing to do it. I never thought I would have breastfed past 1 year, but we reached 1 year and 10 months -- because I knew that that was the best food for you. When we had to end our breastfeeding cum bonding session because Mommy got sick, you cried like you never did before. And that broke mommy's heart, even though I know that it had to be done. I was never a spendthrift, but for you, I'd spend for a new pair of pajamas or a cute little shirt (Good thing your grandmas love to spend for you too, or I'd be broke!). Daddy, on the other hand, spends on your toys. :)

When you were sick, our world seemed to be crashing down.

My son, you have taught us a lot of things. You have taught us to rediscover simple joys. You have taught us to be more responsible. You have taught us to be more tolerant and more patient. You have taught us to think beyond our own needs.

But, I believe, the greatest gift that you have given me, your mom, is the realization that I am capable of loving unconditionally. Because, my child, I love you always and forever, whatever you may turn out to be. That is what I believe is the best thing about being a mom.

But, of course, we do hope that in the future, you will be an upstanding member of society, a good and moral man that your children will be proud to call daddy. :) Because now, that is our greatest responsibility.

This is my entry to the Free Mother's Day Photo Session Contest by Ging Lorenzo.

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Anonymous said...

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happy said...

hi joey,

how are you? i'm excited to have a baby. well, my fiance and i have been talking about building a family more than the wedding itself.

theworkingmom said...

Happy -- I'm sure you're excited! :) Building a family is difficult but exciting and happy. The wedding is only 1 day of your life, but the marriage is forever. Do enjoy your wedding din nonetheless :)