An Interesting Site

I've heard about people talking about SocialSpark, but it's only now that I got to really sign in and review the site. It looks like a really great opportunity to earn more. My only problem is that I cannot understand how to navigate the site yet since I just joined, but I'm sure that I will be able to learn it in due time. Just give me some time to study it further.

What is it? As far as I can see, it's a cross between a paid blogging platform and a social network. Most paid blogging platforms do not have interactions among its bloggers, but this new site seems to encourage it.

The mom with brownies is one member of Social Spark who sounds like she is an interesting person, and a mom like me. We share some characteristics like being moms, being married to our best friends and being bloggers. We're different in that she has 5 children (I only have 1 so far), we come from different areas and she's a homeschooling advocate (I don't have the confidence to do homeschooling).

I would like to explore this site further. It seems very interesting. I’ve been a member of some fora and mailing lists and I learn a lot from interacting with other people, so I’m sure that I will also learn a lot from the people over here. The extra earnings add points to it, too!

Paid for this.