PPBC 1st Edition: Becoming a Parent

Becoming a parent is a major milestone. It's probably the most difficult job ever, but it is also the most fulfilling. A helpless, defenseless little human being is entrusted to you to nourish, to raise and to teach. Unless you take on the responsibility of adopting a parentless child, the usual way is giving birth to your child.

Not everybody goes through the same experiences when their child is born. It's all different, it's all exciting and we all want to hear about it! It's like a movie, with all the elements of drama, action and some comedy.

Action! Normal delivery!

Mommy Leah shares that she gave birth to Erin Chloe the all-natural way, without drugs and WITHOUT EPISIOTOMY after a long labor! I am so in awe! She was assisted by a midwife, but a doctor came later to repair the lacerations she got from the birth.

Mommy Tricia got her early Christmas gift when Zoe made her appearance 20 days early! She too had a drug free normal delivery, which is what she wanted, but she almost gave up her wish to deliver normally and almost asked for a CS because she had a hard time pushing Zoe out, but eventually she did what she initially wanted and she is so proud of having accomplished that.

Mommy Pat related that her obedient little Tina followed her Daddy's wish to be born on January 8. She also had a normal delivery, although she had already prepared herself to have a CS birth, since she thought that her pelvis was not adequate enough. She related how the epidural helped her deal with the pain of labor, but made it difficult to tell if she was pushing hard enough, but she eventually came through. Oh yeah, this kikay mommy showered, powdered her face and trimmed her nails just before going to the hospital! And just 2 days before, she even remembered to go to a foot spa!

A little drama...the CS Moms

Mommy Jeng was already on the delivery room table trying with all her might to push her little Joaqui out, but after 1 1/2 hours of pushing, her little boy still couldn't get out. So finally, the exhausted Mommy consented to a Cesarean section. Joaqui finally made his appearance!

Mommy Joey (that's me) also gave birth via CS to Ethan after almost 10 hours of induction and the cervical dilatation remaining stuck at less than 1 cm! Since my bag of water has been leaking for close to 24 hours already, we (my OB and I) knew that we could not wait any longer or my baby would risk infection, hence I consented to the surgery!

Mommy Jigi
unfortunately did not progress to more than 4 cms, even after 20 hours of painful labor (by my calculation. This does not even include the pains before that) and the breaking of the bag of water. They finally had to resort to Cesarean section to bring Baby Zech out into the world.

Unlike the other CS moms, Mommy JoyD underwent a scheduled Cesarean section when she gave birth to her boy Braiden. It was Mommy Joy's first operation in Australia and she and her husband Joe, who was with her in the operating room, was apprehensive before Braiden finally came into the world.

More drama...

Mommy Melisse underwent emergency Cesarean section when she gave birth to little Vin. They had Abruptio placenta -- a rare condition in which the placenta separates before the baby the baby is born. Read about their struggles here. Oh, this article is written from the point of view of Vin.

A little humor...

A tuna sandwich and an annoying nurse -- prelude to the "Bu(R)sting Out" of Pinay MegaMom's...TRIPLETS! A very engaging birth story! Don't miss this!

Mommy Jo Ann, also relates how, 9 months pregnant with her third child and ready to give birth anytime, she commuted from her home in Fairview to North Edsa to Meycauayan, Bulacan...and back...ALONE! The bloody show appeared while she was still in Meycauayan but she was still unruffled and still went on with her meeting! She promptly asked her husband to drive her to the hospital once she reached home and gave birth the next day!

Mommy Monet (Maver), relates the comedy of errors that led to the birth of her Haligilet. She was 34 weeks pregnant, her bag was not packed yet, and her husband was out jogging when she was hit by premature labor! She notes that one is never really 100% prepared for parenthood

All of the previous moms would agree that their children's Dad played a very significant role during the time that they were giving birth.

Daddy Angel is a very involved father who relates the financial difficulties he and his wife faced when she gave birth to their eldest child. He lost his job just 2 weeks before the birth! To add to their problems, the newborn baby developed an infection! But they have since pulled through and the baby is now a 12 year old little lady.

Mommy Earthlinggorgeous, while celebrating the birthday of her 6 year old girl, reminisced about the circumstances surrounding the birth of her Anastacia. She was able to go through the whole natural, no anesthesia experience with the help of her mother, her siblings and her friends. The father, contrary to the others mentioned above, was not around during the event, and was not around afterwards.

Reflections on becoming a parent...

Mommy Mec in a sentimental post, wrote about all the challenges and changes that she faced and still continues to face while becoming a parent. She reminds all of us that becoming a parent is a continuous work in progress.

Mommy Janet also notes in that becoming a parent is full of surprises and that what you cannot always be too idealistic with your kid. You have to face challenges head on as a parent and the reality may not be the same as the ideals you have set before your kid came along.

I loved ALL the posts, and I hope you enjoy this initial episode of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival. It was so great seeing you all here!

I hope you will continue to participate in the future editions of the PPBC. In fact, the second edition is already up! Call of articles is here.


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