Describe Yourself Today

got this tag from Pheng. :) thanks for the tag sis. I need the break

1. list 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. add your blog to the list. feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. tag other online friends you know.

today, this is me.
1. Busy! In the midst of my 5-day summer classes for my Masters.
2. I'm supposed to be doing my report right now, instead here I am on the net. After I'm done with this tag, I'll be working on my assignment :)
3. I miss playing with my son. Oh well, it's only until Friday anyway.
4. I'm on leave from my clinics because of these classes. Kinda miss work and also miss the chance to earn (no work, no pay)
5. I'm back to being a commuter, at least temporarily. I don't like driving the car to UP Manila, so I'm taking the LRT.
6. I didn't bring my regular cellular phone today. I just left it with my husband and just brought a VERY old model phone with a prepaid SIM. Baka masnatch if I'm not careful eh. :)

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I'm tagging Lissa, Sheng and Lorie


Gorgeous MUM said...

thanks for the tag! will try to do it soon!

take care!