Guidelines For PPBC Hosts

The Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival will be a "travelling" carnival, meaning it will be hosted on different blogs every month. Here are the guidelines for the host of the carnival.

  1. The host for the month will be responsible for the 2 editions of the month.
  2. He/she will think of the themes for the carnival.
  3. He/she will write an entry on his/her blog for a "call for articles" which basically describes the theme, the guide questions, the manner of submission (through commenting or through email). Please provide a link to the guidelines and archives to the PPBC .
  4. Deadline for submission for the first edition is generally on the 10th of the month, for the second, it's generally on the 24th of the month. However, the host/hostess may choose to still accept entries even after the said deadline if the roundup is not done yet.
  5. Please inform me through ethanmama[at]gmail[dot]com if the call for articles is up, so that I can post it both on and on this blog.
  6. The host/hostess will be responsible for inviting possible participants to the PPBC edition that he/she is hosting.
  7. The roundup should be done on the 14th of the month (for the first edition) and the 28th of the month (for the second edition). Of course, we do understand that the hosts are busy parents and some roundups may not appear on time.
  8. The host will have to screen the articles submitted to weed out off-topic or spam articles so that they would not be included in the roundup.
  9. If there is already a call for the next round of PPBC, the host should put a link to the call for articles on the roundup blog article.
  10. The host should inform all the participants that the roundup is already up, by commenting on their contributed posts. Be sure to send me the link to the roundup, so that I can include it in the PPBC archives.
  11. I understand that parents are very busy people. If you had already committed to hosting but find that you cannot make it, please be sure to inform me before the 5th of the month (for the 1st edition of the month) or the 19th (for the 2nd edition of the month), so that I can have enough time to reassign the hosting duty or I could think of a topic myself.
Have fun hosting the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival!

Updated August 28, 2008.


Michael Wong said...

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Would you like to exchange blogroll links with me?
If yes, please visit:
and leave your URL for your blog there. I'll link to you within hours. Thanks.

Aggie said...

Id love to host one but my mind is pretty dry this time. Plus dapat siguro makisali muna ako, LOL. Lagi ako nalalate!

May tag ako dito Doc Joey,

Baka you would want to join :D

theworkingmom said...

Michael -- Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'll check your site out later.

Aggie -- Dapat nga sumali ka na! hehehe. Will check out your tag :)

Anonymous said...

hi, bloghopping from angel of Happy Family Matters. i am joining the carnival and here's wishing that he approves my post.

kudos to you!

theworkingmom said...

Hi, Bingskee! Thank you so much for joining PPBC! Will read your article ! I'm sure it's great!

Jen said...

Doc joey, do you still want me to host the october edition? I'm nervous, kaya ko ba mga-host? I'm not sure if I can do it. :)

Jen said...

Ok, I'll host the October editions. I'll start thinking of themes now. :)

theworkingmom said...

Thanks Jenny!