I feel so bad! Yesterday, while hurrying off to work, I backed up my husband's car too fast and hit another vehicle! I feel so stupid and so careless! It was my fault, and worse, we don't have comprehensive auto insurance which would have taken cared of the damage repair! Needless to say, my husband got mad at me. He did not speak to me much the whole day. He is a good handyman and tried to repair the damage himself, but even with his best efforts, he could not make it look as good as it did before the accident. Today, he's actually cooled off a bit and even went with me as we went about our errands and our work. He's been mumbling once in a while about having his car repaired though. The problem is, we use that car to go around, and bringing it to the shop for repairs would mean that we could not use it for one to two weeks! I was thinking of calling up someone who does automotive dent repair at our home's garage, instead of having to bring it to the shop. I believe that this would be more convenient for us. Not to mention faster, since the professional who would be handling the job would concentrate only on our car, unlike in the shop when they have to work on several vehicles that are brought in.

Because of that accident, I have been wary of driving today. I was supposed to bring my mother's car to LTO for vehicle registration since I was also due to renew my driver's license, but I couldn't do it since I still have some residual trauma. My husband ended up bringing me. Good thing we had the same clinic time today so I just went with him and didn't have to bring a separate car.