Where To, The Working Mom?

I'm afraid this particular blog of mine has suffered a PR beating. It's my fault really. I have been quite remiss in doing personal, non-earning posts. But I guess I have benefited from it, so I'm not really complaining (not that much, anyway!).

I'm thinking of migrating to my own domain, but I'm having a lot of second thoughts. I've thought of this several times in the past but I've always been hesitant. That's because this blog has been so much a part of my life for the past few years. Also, I haven't determined whether to stick with blogger or to shift to wordpress. And, of course, since the PR then was good, I am aware that moving would actually put me back in PR zero status. The last reason is now moot, so I'm actually seriously giving a lot of thought to this.

I have another blog in wordpress and I like the platform, but, honestly, it does cost just a little bit more since I do need to pay for the webhosting aside from the domain name. Fortunately, the search for the best host is now quite easy, as sites like webhostinggeeks give a comparative side-by-side analysis of the different web hosts available. Comparisons are made for their performance as well as their price. As I am on a budget, I am leaning towards the lower-priced services, although I have to make sure that they perform just as well, if not better, than the higher priced ones.

I really do need time to think about it.

Time To Invest

The recent events, both good (giving birth, christening, big boy going to school and applying to big school) and bad (the flood brought by Typhoon Ondoy, kids getting sick) have almost wiped out our savings. Unfortunately, this is also the time of the year when the number of patients start to dwindle.

Now, more than ever, we are feeling the need to put aside money in investments. Since we do not have a very big amount to invest and to risk, we are better off putting our small extra cash in gold coins by a reputable coin dealer like Monaco Rare Coin. After all, precious metals usually appreciate in value. They may depreciate once in a while but usually it goes up over the long term. It's also easier to store. And if, heaven forbid, it gets flooded, it does not lose its value at all and you can still sell it at market price (except, of course, if you lose it).

My father used to give me gold coins as gifts for my birthdays. I think I will do the same for my kids when they are older and know the value of such.

But the reason why I want a tried-and-tested dealer is that, as with everything, there are scammers out there who will leach your hard earned money. In such cases, instead of earning or at least saving your money, you lose it.

I'm Still Here

The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of sorts, hence the absence of updates in this blog. I have not really found the time to "seriously" blog on both this blog and Joey M.D., but I've had a few short posts on Tsinay and Practical Tips and More.

Several things have happened, both good and bad. I will try to give more details in future blog topics, if and when I get the time.

First, the good:
1. My son celebrated his 4th birthday! He had a school celebration for that.
2. My daughter got baptized.
3. I ventured into a diaper selling.

The bad:
1. Typhoon Ondoy. Enuf' said.
2. My son got sick.
3. My daughter got sick.
4. This blog got a page rank beating. Sigh...

I am attempting to get the mindframe to do more posts. And, oh, more time to do between 2 children who need my attention and my work, both online and offline.

Wish me luck!