It's Daddy's Turn Next Month

This month, we have mother's day. Next month would be Father's Day. We used to give small gifts to my Dad when he was still alive. Since my son is still very young, I guess it's up to me to choose a gift for his dad on his behalf. I always think that buying gifts for men is harder than buying gifts for women. Let's see, there are promotional discounts for online diet programs. But since he has already lost a lot of weight I do not think that he needs it right now! I think I'm the one who needs that! Anyway, back to the gifts. I can pick something for him to wear like a sports shirt. He'd appreciate that. Or a toy train that he's been wanting to have since he was a child. That would make great daddy-son bonding moments with Ethan. Or maybe a family trip? He's been wanting to have some time off for quite a while already. There is still about a month for me to decide what to give him. If you have any suggestions, do tell me. I do not want to splurge a lot as we are spending quite a bundle on tuition fees this June, so I would prefer buying something quality but not too expensive. But whatever we (my son and I) pick out, I'm sure Daddy will be more than happy to receive.