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You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.

You're up on the latest news, and you have an interesting spin on things.

Of all the blogging types, you put the most thought and effort into your blog.

Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few


If you are working and generating some income, you are supposed to report your income and pay your income tax, minus the deductions that you are entitled to. It's relatively simple and straightforward if you are an employee working full time at one company, because the company's accountants will already automatically deduct the taxes that you are supposed to pay.

The scenario is a little different if you are a self employed individual or a freelancer. It's pretty difficult sometimes to know all the rules and to keep track of the new rules being set by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, unless you happen to be an accountant yourself (and are therefore supposed to be up-to-date with all those tax rules). To simplify my life, I just hire my own tax accountant and just submit my income and other related papers to him, so that he will be the one to organize everything and make sure that I pay the correct taxes and thus avoid incurring penalties. That has made my life so much easier. Before that, I used to scratch my head every time I have to submit some form and wonder what I'm supposed to include. Now I do not have to.

The Baby Inside....

Yesterday was a busy day for us. What we did...

  1. Went to the tailor to get measurements for my hubby and son. My son's gonna be a bible bearer and he'll be wearing a suit!
  2. Went to Active Fun for lunch with my in-laws.
  3. Finished up my homework and submitted it ahead of time!
Yesterday's highlight was undergoing my Congenital Anomaly Scan. It's an abdominal ultrasound, just more detailed, to check every part of my baby and try to see if everything's all right. The main reason for this is my age. I'm on the wrong side of thirty (closer to 40) and we just wanna make sure everything's okay.

I'll just post pictures of those images that I can identify. Of course, I'm no expert, but the perinatologist (Dr. Crisologo) pointed out each part to me :).

(You can click on the images to enlarge)

Hi, Baby!
That's the face. :) You can actually make out the nose, the eye sockets and the lips if you use a little imagination.

That's the hand, bunched up into a fist. You can actually count the finger. Of course there are 5! :) Don't ask me though if it's the right or the left coz I really can't tell :).

Foot images! The one on the left is a view from the side.
The foot on the right is in-your-face! You can count the toes. :)

Ok, what do you think?
Is it a baby boy or a baby girl?

Here's a closer look.
Take note of where the arrow is pointing :).

I'll spare you the pictures of the organs, mainly because I can't really tell.

Anyway, the perinatologist assures us that everything about the baby is ok. The estimated weight, cardiac rate, spine, brain, heart, everything that we looked at seems to be telling us that our little child is developing nicely! And that's the most important thing about the ultrasound!

Angels and Demons?

A lot of people think that the works of Dan Brown, "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" are works that attack the Catholic faith. I'd rather think of them as good reading and thrillers that just happened to have Catholics and anti-Catholics in the material, with some controversial matters regarding the Catholic church. I would not really think of it as an attack on my own faith and just enjoy the novels and the movies for what it is, a good story.

Which brings me to think that while talk on religion is mostly considered taboo in polite conversation since there are so many controversies and quarrels, sometimes you just want to talk and discuss the issues with people of the same faith, that's why a purely Catholic Chat room is a great idea. There are so many issues that we can tackle. The Church has been a subject of much debate especially regarding its stand on issues like divorce, contraception, abortion, etc. I guess only fellow Catholics can discuss this in the context of their own faith.

I really wonder what my fellow Catholics would think about the books I mentioned? I know some people are outraged, but I personally think that we should just take it in stride.


Between my husband and I, he's the one who's more into doing things himself rather than hiring or asking other people to do it for him. He is pretty much hands on with repairs around the house. However, there are certain things that he hires professionals to do, like house painting. That's because house painting can be tedious and time intensive, and he really does not like to smell the fumes of the paint. And of course, if improperly done, paint can peel off rather quickly.

Professional house painters can be expensive though. Not only that, they sometimes manage to waste a lot of paint and materials because the homeowner pays for it anyway. And, they don't necessarily guarantee a good job. The paint job done at my mother's house (by a professional) is already peeling in parts. I've come across some exterior house painting tips on the net. I'll show it to my husband. He may be interested in it. I'm sure he would still like to have somebody else do the actual painting job, what with the time constraints and with the fumes, but at least he could prepare the surfaces for the paint so that it could last longer.

Are We Having a Son or a Daughter?

I'm going to have my ultrasound today.

It's a congenital anomaly scan. We're also going to find out today if I'm having a boy or a girl.

I'm hoping it's a girl, because I already have a boy :). I've also wanted another girl in the family, since I was an only daughter, my siblings both being boys. And since I have already fulfilled the tradition of having a boy, it does not really matter if I have a boy or a girl this time.

But actually it does not matter. My primary concern is whether my baby is healthy and normal. That is much more important than the gender.

Whether it's a boy or a girl, we'll love this child as much as we do our firstborn

Do wish us luck!

For Web Savvy Grandmas

My mom's cousin (technically my aunt) came over to visit yesterday. They haven't seen each other in quite a while since my aunt lives quite far from us. It was obvious that they missed talking to each other. My mom does have her circle of friends and she was quite active, but ever since she was sidelined with her injury, she can't go out with her friends like she did before. My aunt, on the other hand, is rather dependent on having somebody drive her to places since she is more elderly, however, her children all have their own work and responsibilities so they can't always have the time to bring her.

This makes me think that online Senior Chat is a great tool for web savvy elder people--those who are not afraid to learn something new everyday, like learning to use the internet and to use the chat function. I would not be surprised if I'd make use of something like that in about 30 years time, especially if I have a lot of time on my hands and just want to connect with people my age and with the same interests as I do...even if it were just about comparing our grandkids' antics.

Wanna Bet?

Nobody's won the jackpot in the 6/49 lotto yet! Last Thursday, the pot has to over 280 million pesos! I'm sure a lot of people would line up at betting stations nationwide to place their bets. Whoever wins will be able to live a life of comfort, if he spends the money wisely.

You can be sure too that a lot of people will check the results as soon as they can, whether through the newspaper, the TV (the actual draw itself, or through the internet (preferably through vpn).

Baby Kicking!

I am already 22 weeks pregnant! Time sure flies. I didn't blog about this anymore but my OB advised me to rest because I was having contractions. A pelvic examination she did revealed that I was starting to efface! Oh, no, it's way, way too early.

Thankfully, the contractions have stopped. I had a urinalysis done -- no infection. No cough, no colds, no fever. It must have been stress.

Now, for the happy part! My baby's actively kicking! I've felt some movement some weeks before but I just couldn't be sure that it was the baby, but now, those are definite kicks! Baby kicks are so reassuring for mom. They tell me that my baby is active and doing well. I'm readying myself for stronger kicks when the baby gets even bigger!

Asians Online!

When you're talking about Asia, you're actually talking about one big stretch of land which encompasses a whole different variety of people. You have so many different cultures, so many different food, so many different languages. Asia is also the birthplace of most of the world's major religions. Asian Chat City is a great place to meet all those diverse people online, and to learn more about their different cultures.

Second Trimester

I'm already in my second trimester. From my first pregnancy, I am aware that this is supposed to be the most comfortable month. No more morning sickness (well, evening sickness for me), and I don't feel as awkward yet as in the third trimester.

We'll be having our congenital anomaly scan this coming Monday. We'll also see what gender this baby is. Of course I'd like to have a girl, coz I already have a little boy, but as long as my baby's normal and healthy, it really matter what gender it is.

I just hope that E will be ready to welcome this new sibling without too much fuss.

It's So Hot!

The summer heat is upon us! It’s so much a pity, since I was enjoying the relatively cool breezes last January, and the fact that we actually saved by using less airconditioning! (But we tended to heat our bath water, which I don’t generally do when it’s warm…)

It can’t be denied, everything’s turned warm and balmy nowadays, and my pregnancy is making it feel even worse. I wish our house had ceiling fans instead of those stand fans. I feel that they cool the room even more efficiently than the more common stand and box type fans, and even those noisy hurricane fans.

My grandmother’s house had a couple of those, and I tell you, those were my favorite areas of her house! I’m not sure what brand she’s using, but it looks similar to one of those craftmade ceiling fans with an attached light. It’s something I’d definitely want if I get to build my own house someday.

I Am Assertive?

And I always thought I am shy....

You Are Assertive

You assert yourself whenever it's necessary, but you're always polite and appropriate about it.

You're not a bully, a manipulator, or a nag. You just state what you need quickly and honestly.

You've been assertive for so long that it just comes naturally to you. You're definitely not shy.

People wonder why you get what you want in life. Well, it's because you ask for it!

Efficiency, Please....

My big problem with some companies is that a lot of times, you don't have a uniform answer for a question that you have. For example, if you ask how a particular procedure should be done, you are either directed to another person, who then you directs to another, ad infinitum OR you get an answer from one person, then if you ask another, you'll be given another entirely different answer. I think this does not speak well of the company as it gives me the impression that the people working there does not know what should be done. Maybe they should employ some sort of TeamWox Collaboration Tool so that there would be less confusion and more efficiency in the way they run things.

Our Nuffnang "Date"

I was so excited about being in the top 20 of Nuffnang's shopaholic contest that I literally dragged the hubby to Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta 4 to claim my free tickets. And maybe, just maybe, if I'm lucky enough, I just might walk away with the Gucci bag!

Well, that was a little too presumptive of me, I suppose. My entry is not really very reminiscent of Rebecca Bloomwood-type shopping obsession. But, hey, it's never outlawed to dream, right? At the very least, my husband and I get to go to see a movie TOGETHER after a long spell! That would be a nice (and cheap, hahaha) post Valentine's gift!

It's a pity that I'm quite a shy person so I didn't really get to talk much with the others. I finally get to see the people behind the blogs, and all I manage is a weak "hi" and smile. Oh well, this is the first blogging event I've ever been to. One suggestion though...maybe we could have the resto turn down the music a bit while the event is ongoing? It was very difficult for me to hear what was being said. But then, I was a bit late and seated at the back.

The movie itself was a fun movie! I could relate to the part where Rebecca covets after some particularly lovely designer piece. Good thing I was never so compulsive as to actually rack up such a huge credit card debt! Even my husband, who really thought he won't find the movie interesting, laughed at some parts!

After the movie, while we were filing out, I was surprised to have a microphone shoved near my face and a lights shining in my eyes! Somebody asked me how the movie was and I could only was, it was good... Gad, I hope nobody I know gets to see me on ETC. I mean, I could have been wittier, I could have dressed better.....for my few seconds of TV (I think) appearance!

All in all, I enjoyed myself. It felt like a date again, with food and a movie, thanks to Nuffnang.

Oh, did I win the Gucci bag? No, I only managed to win the tickets. But that definitely encouraged me to continue writing and blogging, coz, hey, somebody out there actually LIKES what I write (hindi ako ilusyonada!) Congratulations to Frances, who got the top prize, and to all the other winners!

Do You Like My New Blog's New Look?

I'm getting tired of my old layout, hence the shift. I hope you like it :)

I've been having some problems though, with attaching the date. Lena told me to import it to a new blog, but I'm having jitters about doing it...Of course, 600+ posts is no joke at all! :P

But at the moment, I'm enjoying the design. Thank so much, Lena!

Let me just gather up enough courage to just do what Lena suggests...No date is okay, actually, but since this is a journal of sorts, it would be nicer if dates were there...More courage needed...

Oh yeah, there are some other changes too. I've removed my cbox. Let me see what happens. I realized that sometimes I forget to respond to some comment people make on my cbox. Anyway, there's always the comments section.

And speaking of the comments section, I've made it moderated for a couple of reasons -- to keep out comment spammers AND so that I will be able to keep track of people who comment and try to respond as soon as I can.

Valentine's Surprise!

Despite my claim that my family is not really a romantic one and I do not really expect huge, romantic gestures from my husband (especially since flowers and gifts are SO expensive especially during February), my husband surprised me with roses in a box. Right after he picked me up from my master's class yesterday, which happened to be Valentine's Day.

It's simply 3 roses in a box, but I can't tell you how happy...and how loved...that made me feel. :)

Guess I'm still a romantic at heart, and I do appreciate these simple but eloquent gestures.

Oh, I just learned that I won one of the 20 top places in the Nuffnang "Confessions" of a Shopaholic contest! What a nice surprise! I hope that my husband could accompany me.

My Shopaholic Confession

Hi! My name is Joey and I'm a Shopaholic!

...window shopping, that is.

I think I love new clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry as much as another girl BUT I am NOT an impulsive buyer. When I look at the price tag, I think of my son's tuition fees, I think of owning a house someday, and then I know that if I give in to the impulse of acquiring these tempting stuff, I'd have to forego or delay the more important things that I want.

It cannot be denied, however, that there is so much pleasure in looking in the shop windows, trying on clothes and shoes. But many a saleslady must have been frustrated that they cannot convince me to buy, even if I do look like I really, really want to.

I believe in delayed gratification. If I don't buy it now and the desire is still with me after 1 or 2 weeks...and the item happens to be on sale...then maybe it IS meant for me. But if not, maybe I shouldn't add anymore to my already overfull closet!

Now, shopping for my son's school is another matter altogether. I would try looking for the best school for my child, even if it's expensive. But I would also like to emphasize that it should be about "value for money". Good education does not come cheap, but I don't have to go into debt in order to finance his education. Now, that's something that would be priceless, and won't fade with the seasons.

Now I only indulge my impulsive spending tendencies in the grocery. :P

Catch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" in cinemas on February 18, 2009!

Another Friendship Award

Got this friendship award from Carla. Thanks so much!

Now I'm passing this award to Maver, Dowa, Abie, Ging, old friends of mine :).

Whale is Me...

At 20 weeks of pregnancy, I'm big! Some women on their ninth month who don't bulge as much look like me in my fifth month. I keep telling people that I kinda expected that, since I was also sporting an extra big tummy when I was pregnant with my firstborn, hence I was not expecting anything different this time around. I'm sure I'll look like a whale when I'm about to pop.

I've been lucky to lose all my excess poundage within 3 months of giving birth (via Cesarean section) but my shape was no longer the same. I can't wear sexy mini skirts even if I wanted to because I'd look like I'm trying too hard to be sexy. Of course it didn't help that I wasn't exercising to get back into shape. I should, this time around. For my own vanity, even if I only dress sexily in private. :P (Am very shy about showing off my body, even if I was in much better shape!)

Q&A's for Valentine's Day

Got this from n@w, one of my mailing lists:

1. Do you love receiving flowers on Valentine's day? Why?

It depends on who gave me the flowers. I remember that I felt so happy (and surprised) when I got the flowers from my then-boyfriend (now husband) way back when he was officially proposing to me.

I also got some flowers from some sweet guys in class -- you know those guys who just want to give every girl classmate 1 rose each on Valentine's day -- and I felt that they were sweet.

But I also got flowers from somebody who was courting me and who I didn't really like at all. It's a pity because the flowers were really gorgeous and were bought at some big time flower shop and not just at Dangwa. I felt ashamed for feeling that way, but I really can't help it.

Now that I'm married, my husband no longer gives me real flowers on Valentine's Day. Actually I told him not to bother, they're very impractical and expensive and I'd rather just save the money. He gave me chocolate flowers instead (and also gave Ethan another one) 1 year ago. Last year, there was none but he gave Ethan a balloon :P.

2. How do you feel when you get to receive some flowers and you have to walk the streets lugging the flowers with you?

It depends on who gave me the flowers :). If it's from my husband, I love it (but I hope he'd just give it at home nalang so I won't have to lug it around). But not if it's from someone I don't like. (see above)

3. What's your plan this coming Valentine's day?

No plans at all.

4. Is Valentine's day really something special to you and your partner? Or is it just one of those ordinary days?

Just one of those ordinary days. It also falls on a clinic day for my husband, so it's just another routine day for us.

We didn't feel the need to celebrate Valentine's Day. I'd rather celebrate our anniversary (which we sometimes overlook too). Sigh...we're not romantic at all. (Or maybe I'm getting old).

5. Spread some love. Give a love line or two to our fellow N@wies.

I remember so well
The day that you came into my life
You asked for my name
You had the most beautiful smile

My life started to change
I'd wake up each day feeling alright
With you right by my side
Makes me feel things will work out just fine

How did you know
I needed someone like you in my life
That there's an empty space in my heart
You came at the right time in my life

I'll never forget
How you brought the sun to shine in my life
And took all the worries and fears that I had
I guess what I'm really trying to say
It's not everyday that someone like you comes my way
No words can express how much I love you

To Do

My to do list:

1. Finish my homework for my masters.
2. Finalize mom's PT schedule.
3. Update my online store.
4. Update my blogs.
5. Fix our cabinets.
6. Look for E's old stuff, in preparation for the new baby.
7. Check for possible investments. (Currently reviewing the russian stock market review)
8. Update the PPBC.
9. Send an entry for The Blog Rounds.
10. Contemplate on whether or not to have a garage sale.

...etc. Hay, so many things to do, so little time!

4 months!

By this weekend, my pregnancy would be on its 20th week. I am so glad that the nausea and the food aversions are gone. I still feel more tired than usual, though. But since hubby spoils me by driving me around, I don't feel anything that isn't manageable, so far.

We were so afraid that my beta hcg level was higher than the usual pregnancy, especially since I had an H. mole before. So my OBGYN requested for another test. Thankfully the level has dropped off sharply.

We will soon be having a congenital anomaly scan. By then, hopefully, we'll also know if we'll be having a boy or a girl. As long as it's healthy, we'd feel very happy already.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I was. When I was younger, I used to think that every dark alley contains some hidden danger that would suddenly jump out and get me. It didn't help that some of the adults (not my parents but other caregivers) would use scary stories to keep me from being know, stories about night creatures like ghosts, vampires, and creatures from folklore like the aswangs and manananggals. I wonder if I would be less afraid if I had night vision binoculars that would enable me to see in the dark, then maybe all those scary shadows and shapes would be less frightening to an impressionable child.

One thing I've learned...don't make your children do the things you want by using scare tactics.

Why Men Secretly Love Being Married

Many people have the impression that in general, women love being married more than men do. There's a sense of men having being "caught" and women having "caught" her man. Or to put it in other words, men have to stop sowing their wild oats while women found their life's purpose when they get married. I do not agree however. I am glad I found that this man doesn't too, and lists the reasons why he loves being married. Check it out here.