Some Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother's Day is almost here, and I haven't bought any gift yet for my mother. I’m thinking of buying her flowers, because they are always a hit, but I may also consider other gifts if I have the budget for it. A bottle of perfume would be something she would appreciate much longer than flowers, although designer scents can be quite expensive. But no worries, since I can get discount promotions and deals like $5 off, $10 off or free shipping at Best Discount Coupons without having to register.

What I'd really like for both myself and my mother, is a vacation getaway package with the whole family, since we haven't done that for a long time. I'm sure it will be a great bonding experience for the whole family. Maybe, in time we will get to do that, but now, we are simply too busy and we don't think my small son is able to appreciate traveling and sightseeing at this point. When he’s older, we'll take him places, and of course, bring his grandmother (my mother and mother-in-law) along so that they can also bond, not to mention that there will be more people who can take care of him. My mother-in-law, I'm sure, would love to get a travel package as a Mother's Day gift.

Gosh, I think even diamonds may be a great Mother's Day gift. I know I'd love to receive them. Because they last forever, unlike flowers or perfumes.

I guess it all boils down to what we can afford. And, being a mother myself, I know I'd appreciate anything my son would give me, even if it were not an extravagant gift. It's really the thought that counts!