Let's Shop for Christmas...this June

My family is very much into techie stuff, but unlike other people, we do not really go out to buy the latest electronic "toys" since these tend to be expensive. We are trying not to spend too much because of the current economic situation. But with the current promo code deals for digital cameras, camcorders, desktops, audio receivers, surround sound systems, TV projectors and DVD movies, it may be a good idea for us to look at what's available since there's a discount for all the stores that are affiliated with them. And with the current rate of the dollar, it's actually cheaper to buy abroad rather than buy the same items locally.

Although Christmas is still half a year away, it might be a good time to stock up on gifts, like an educational toy for my son, a laptop for my husband, an Ipod for my brother. Still have to think of what best to give my mom and other members of the family. I still have to ask them what they want because I cannot think of any suitable gift yet. At least, I started getting ideas early before getting caught in the rush which makes me buy useless things that they would not even appreciate.